Pre-register now for our new course: Technology for Human Rights

Pre-register now for our new course: Technology for Human Rights

Learn how tools like Ushahidi have been used around the world to defend human rights.

Anyone who knows the Sentinel Project knows that we’re big fans of technology. Whether it’s data visualization or flying robots, when we talk about genocide prevention, we’re also talking about new tools we can develop. However, technology has already been having an impact on the struggle for human rights and activists are constantly adapting to use it in new ways. That’s why it’s important for people working in human rights and international development to understand the tools at hand and their potential for making change. Thus, we are very excited to announce our upcoming course, Technology for Human Rights.
Over the course of five weeks (two hours of evening class per week) you will meet a great group of people and learn the following together:

  • The relationship between technology and human rights
  • Case studies and lessons learned from Kenya, Iran, and the Arab Spring
  • Unsuccessful cases and what went wrong
  • How oppressive regimes abuse technology
  • Strategy development for using technology

The course is still under development but we’re pre-registering students now. Sign up here to join the waiting list and receive updates on prices and upcoming course dates. See you in class!


  1. Maria perry

    Maybe Argentina bit of judicial system could get some techno help in order to speed the pending judicial causes -crimes against humanity committed during the so called “dirty war”. The ones getting prison for life are only a few Generals or Admiral who are between 85 years old.They get prison for life! There many many ex military who are around their sixties and were the ones who did the interrogations, tortures, killings and then responsables for the disappearing of the bodies. Not to mention the ones who kill the mothers ans stole their babies, it was a systematic plan masterminded by General Jorge Videla and Admiral Massera, to take the children of the missing and give them to the
    military personnel that couldn’t conceived. That ia why Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo became so important and known worldwide, their gol is to find their grandchildren and return them their tru identity. The USA Consulate in Buenos Aires have denied the visa to some of them, like captain Julio Cesar Sarmiento, but other than that, these people live their lives with total impunity. They own Security companies, withe same men they gave orders to in the army. Ex sargeants, ex corrupt policemen, work for them.Even the ex minister Nilda Garre of Defense, close to Cristina Kirchener, knows who they are….but the government is too busy discussing the impediment for the Argentines to save in dollars,
    and the friendship with Hugo Chaves and trying to hide their own faults. These military should be punish before their 80 birthdays, and once justice is serve in my country, maybe we could sit and talk about reconciliation. You cannot explain impunity to the mothers and
    grandmothers who lost their loved ones. Pardon, forgivness? is a utopy, it will never
    happen. It is justice not vengeance what I would like to see done in my country.
    I am an Argentine writer, in Miami. 3059050387.Kind Regards, Luz M.

  2. Maria perry

    I just read my -I was going to write article instead of comment! It is full of mistakes….My English is much better if spoken, sorry for that.I fyou decide to post it, could you fix the obvious mistakes?
    Many thanks, Maria L.

  3. Janet

    I understand and would like to find a way to bring these men to justice, too. This atrocity is beyond my ability to comprehend and who the people are who committed these horrors. What kind of life did they come from, how were they trained and who trained them? Such things are taught to willing men, even volunteers, everywhere, in civilized democracies, paid handsomely, and both trainers and trainees walk free. We need to stop this practice everywhere, by exposing it, to make it as unacceptable as the holocaust. But we need to get started now.


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