Where We Fit In

The Sentinel Project occupies a unique position in the genocide prevention community by playing two different roles:

  1. Our early warning system (EWS) fulfills a function not currently done by any other organization. While other organizations do valuable work by maintaining watch lists of countries with violent, repressive governments where genocide could happen, we are striving to identify situations of concern at a much earlier stage when there are more options for prevention. The EWS will enable us to make clear and comprehensive reports about a situation of concern (SOC) available to the public, government, and other NGOs.
  2. When an SOC has been identified, we will engage with threatened communities to inform and empower them to participate in the prevention of their own genocides. This engagement is a key aspect of our work because conventional anti-genocide activism often approaches the problem from an outside perspective. Instead, by working with threatened communities we can gather otherwise inaccessible information from the people who know a situation best and implement preventive measures in partnership with the people who have the most to lose.

Genocide Prevention

Read about why genocide is preventable and how the Sentinel Project will make that a reality.

Early Warning System

Our early warning system is the core of our work. This overview explains the work involved in assessing where genocide is likely to happen.

The Role of Technology

The creative use of technology is one of the aspects that makes the Sentinel Project unique. Read here about how technological tools can be used to predict and prevent genocide.

Where We Fit In

Many different organizations make up the anti-genocide movement all around the world. Read this section to learn how the Sentinel Project is unique and how we relate to all of the others working towards a world without genocide.

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