The Sentinel Project meets with US Congressman Tim Walz

Sentinel Project team members Collin Sullivan, Christopher Tuckwood and Taneem Talukdar had the opportunity to meet with Congressman Tim Walz, the U.S. Representative for Minnesota’s 1st congressional district, on Friday.

In 1993, Congressman Walz was a teacher at Alliance High School in Alliance, Nebraska. That year he gave his geography class an unusual project – to research and identify the socio-economic preconditions of communities that have experienced genocides. Based on their findings, the class predicted the Rwandan genocide one year before it happened (New York Times article).

Congressman Walz expressed an interest in the Sentinel Project’s work and emphasized the need to teach genocide in schools not as historical anomalies but as a systemic and therefore preventable issue. Over the coming weeks we will be exploring how we can best work with the Congressman’s office and we look forward to speaking with him again in the near future.

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  1. Joyce Culwell

    I applaud teacher Walz for teaching genocide as systematic and preventable issue! My concern is that at this moment we are too focused on the North/South Sudan border and other more populated places. I would like to see some kind of preventative action or containment regarding Kadugli in the Nuba Mountains. The cathedral and UN office were burned–destroyed–and many people killed just this week!
    What is happening about that situation?
    Thank you,
    Joyce Culwell


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